Welcome to Why I Day Drink

Hey guys, Carmen here! 

Welcome to Why I Day Drink | Real Estate Edition. A safe place where former (I'm only half kidding) people persons can all get together, laugh, and cheers 🍻 to our fellow real estate cat herders. I hope you find some good humor here, maybe something useful or two, and keep coming back for more. 

Y'all. Real Estate has been quite the ride these past few years. A pandemic, essential worker status, stupid high DD fees, forfeiting inspections, paying waaaaayyy over list price, signing over your first born, a recession, to rate hikes the likes we've never seen before, and to now, a more even market (more or less). Real estate is getting fun again! 

Negotiations are back. Looking out for your client is back. And maybe even learning (and re-learning) the true definition of sales is back again as well. Gone are the days of throwing up a listing in the MLS, popping up one iPhone 5 photo of the exterior, and selling it sight unseen with multiple offers in Coming Soon status. Those days were not sustainable, and I, for one, couldn't be more happy about it. 

Here's what to expect from Why I Day Drink

No less than two Mondays a month, could also very actually be every Monday, around 3:00PM (this is usually the time after the late night and early morning fires have been put out, but not late enough in the day to have new dumpster fires to deal with) I'm going to be in your proverbial inbox 📥, sharing stories, sales tips, ramblings, and just being very real with y'all about the world we live in: real estate. Things like ... 
  • Real estate is practically the exact definition of bipolar 
  • No-one (present company excluded) knows what they're doing
  • Clickbait headline news makes me want to throat punch the author

Everybody: "Who are you and why do I care?" 

Sure thing. A little about me? Oh, ok, if you insist. Well, let's see ... I've possessed many titles in my real estate career (and to be fair, some have been self-imposed, and there may or may not have been business cards involved). I do, however, currently hold the title of Director of Advisor Engagement and Brand Ambassador. But don't go looking on my LinkedIN to verify. 

You looked, didn't you? 

Can we at least agree that it's kinda similar? And I do, in fact, *do* training and development. And I swear, scout's honor, I did have that title for all of like ten (10) days. I took a pic of the slide when it was announced at one of our Leadership Advances as proof. I didn't know that my title was changed until minutes before we were filming the announcement promo a handful of days later. But that didn't happen unit AFTER I updated all my shit. So here we are. 

I've been everything from an ISA, a Systems Director, a Team Lead, to an Ops Director during my real estate tenure. However, if you were to ask me, I usually just say, "This and that". I do shit, I get shit done. But really, it's all about People. People Development. People Influence. People Mastery. Providing the tools, tech, skills, systems, processes, and the like to make my people's life easier. 

I've been called everything from the glue that holds us all together to a HR nightmare. I do feel the need to defend myself a little on the latter accusation tho. To me, it boils down to two things. Do you want your people to be happy? Or do you want everyone to tip-toe around everything? If you're looking to have that human element covered, I got you. Full stop. The second, well, I'm still working on that. 

If nothing else, I hope maybe, just maybe, you like what we have to say around here. And that you're able to take away one new tip or trick, add one new arrow in your sales arsenal, idenify with one piece of motivation, and/or relate to one new funny story. 

Everyone deserves to be at - and with - people they love to be around. Real Estate = Real People. It's relational. It always has been, it always will be. 

I'll drink to that!


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