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Crushing the Competition: 18 Minutes a Day

  Hey guys, Carmen here, your real estate partner-in-crime, back with another episode of, Why I Day Drink!  I've got something super cool I wanted to share with y'all today, and it only takes 18 minutes!! Even *I* can focus for 18 minutes (most days). Not sure if you're anything like me, but I've always joked and said I've got an attention span of a gnat. I can tune out in a heartbeat -- my brain is like a window with 20 different tabs open, and any given topic can trigger a thought to something else. Hey, at least I'm not in denial.  Guys, I like my sandbox to be big.  And I need the ability to go from project to project when the excitement wanes - and it always does. In the DISC world, I'm an off the charts "I", a pretty damn high "S", coupled with a contradictory high-D (ISD). At my core, I'm a People person. And my baseline personality is to have lots of stuff going on at any given time.   If I ever crossed off every item on my T

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